4 Thumps to Better Health

Donna Eden, the author of “Energy Medicine,” was not always healthy. In fact, as a child she became ill with Tuberculosis, and she also had ongoing health issues such as asthma and allergies. Later, she became ill with multiple sclerosis at the young age of 16, and she had a heart attack by the time she was 27. After her heart attack, the doctors told her she needed to consider the future care of her children. Although the cards were stacked against her, Donna was born with a skill that most of us don’t have: she can see the energy fields that surround our bodies. Using this unique ability, she discovered how to “communicate” with the energies of her body. Doing so, she began to successfully treat herself for her illnesses in ways that modern medicine could not. Now at the age of 75, Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine program provides thousands of people with relief from a plethora of ailments.

For Donna, its simple, “When your energies are flowing and in balance, you are healthy, and you feel great. When your energies are not in balance or may be blocked, then you don’t feel good.” Donna learned about the energy centers and meridians in her body and was able to treat and recover from her symptoms. Teaching since 1977, Dona has refined her understanding of the human energy system and can offer some practical exercises for us all to follow that will lead us to better health. As a part of the Donna Eden Daily Energy Practice, not only will tapping these points vigorously boost your energy levels and relieve stress, but it will also lead to some other interesting health benefits.
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Thump # 1: The Cheekbones
Stomach Meridian
Are you having trouble concentrating and just being in the present moment? Perhaps your energy is not grounded. In other words, the magnetic polarities of your body aren’t in alignment with the earth’s. To alleviate this discomfort, simply thump both sides of your cheekbones with your fingers. In her book “Energy Medicine,” Donna explains how there are acupoints for the stomach meridian (in Chinese acupuncture) that begin from right underneath your eyes. The meridian runs from underneath your eyes, goes all the way down your body, and then off your second toe. This meridian is responsible for grounding you to the earth. Thumping these points will allow you to reconnect.

 Thump # 2: The K-27 Spot
Kidney Meridian
According to Donna, our energy meridians can inadvertently flip around and go backwards due to stress. When this happens, you are not in alignment with your energies when you walk forward. Rather than gaining greater vitality, you are instead losing energy which can cause you to feel increasingly more tired throughout the day. If you feel that you are losing excessive amounts of energy throughout the day, then this may be the technique for you. Located in the dip just beneath the collar bone, the K-27 spot is the kidney meridian in ancient acupuncture. Often you will feel tender at these acupoints, which is how you know you are on the correct spot. As shown in the diagram, tap on both sides of the body. And as Donna notes, make sure you tap theses areas vigorously so that you really move the energy. A light touch won’t do the trick. This pathway of energy begins under the ball of each foot, travels up the inside of the leg, up the front of the body, and then ends at the collarbone. Tap or thump your fingers here for just a few moments, and you will effectively cause your energies to flow back into the correct direction.

Thump # 3: The Thymus Thump
By thumping the thymus on the body (located beneath your sternum), you are turning on your immune system as the thymus gland supports the immune system. Do this technique if your immune system is challenged in any way. It is also how to get more energy fast. According to Donna, this is very good for the entire energy system of the human body as it awakens all of your body’s energies. Since this is such an important point to stimulate, I am going to write a more in-depth blog called Thumping For Joy (http://www.around-the-clock.com/2018/07/thumping-for-joy.html) in which I explore this practice in greater detail.

Thump # 4: The Spleen Meridian
Spleen Meridian
Tired after lunch? An ideal time to thump the spleen meridian is when you are feeling tired after a meal. Along the spleen meridian are the neurolymphatic reflex points which are located by moving your hand beneath your breasts, straight under the nipples (see diagram). These energy points are part of the lymph system, which helps the immune system remove toxins from the body. The benefits of tapping these points include: lifting your energy level, balancing your blood sugar, metabolizing your food, and strengthening your immune system. It is good to tap these points if you are suffering from an autoimmune disease or if you are experiencing any inflammation or an infection. If you feel tender in this area, Donna suggests tapping these points until the tenderness is relieved. When the tenderness has gone, you know you really have detoxed the body well. The spleen meridian begins at the tip of the big toe and runs all the way up the body to underneath the armpit.

     Simply doing the 4 thumps gets you grounded, your energy flowing in the correct direction, your immune system reset, and your food digested well. Tapping any of these points can lift your energy levels when you want to reach for that cup of coffee, while at the same time it can also effectively reduce the stress response. Consequently, do this whenever you feel a dip in your energy, or if you are feeling stressed about something. According to Donna Eden, this body tapping will increase your overall vitality and energy levels over time. And since energy tapping is acupressure and not acupuncture, you don't need to hit the points perfectly...you will be close enough to receive the benefits of stimulating them simply by thumping them. So thump thump thump thump your way to better health and happiness! 


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