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Thumping For Joy

     Until very recently, the thymus gland was a highly misunderstood organ. In fact, in the 1950’s, doctors would erroneously irradiate the thymus gland in children believing doing so would prevent illness. They mistakenly thought its enlarged state at birth was a sign of disease rather than health. What is the function of the thymus? The thymus gland is a critical organ for our immune system…it regulates the protective white blood cells, specifically t-cells, that shields us from so many pathogens. Where is the thymus located? Beneath your sternum and in front of your heart, the thymus is greatest in size at birth, but for unknown reason, after puberty, it undergoes a slow process called thymus involution as it atrophies with age. According to Dr. John Diamond, this gland seems to be the first organ to respond negatively to emotional and physical stress. He believes this is the main cause of the involution of the thymus, and he notes that the thymus gland can shrivel to half i

4 Thumps to Better Health

Donna Eden, the author of “Energy Medicine,” was not always healthy. In fact, as a child she became ill with Tuberculosis, and she also had ongoing health issues such as asthma and allergies. Later, she became ill with multiple sclerosis at the young age of 16, and she had a heart attack by the time she was 27. After her heart attack, the doctors told her she needed to consider the future care of her children. Although the cards were stacked against her, Donna was born with a skill that most of us don’t have: she can see the energy fields that surround our bodies. Using this unique ability, she discovered how to “communicate” with the energies of her body. Doing so, she began to successfully treat herself for her illnesses in ways that modern medicine could not. Now at the age of 75, Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine program provides thousands of people with relief from a plethora of ailments. For Donna, its simple, “When your energies are flowing and in balance, you are healthy, a